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Elevate Environmental Consulting Services (EECS) is a self-sufficient organization that performs integrated environmental analysis using modern technologies. It has started its journey from February 2019. It provides solutions to issues and problems in the sectors of water and land resources, agriculture, fisheries and environment, etc., and recommends technical solutions based on local realities that are feasible from the socio-economic and institutional points of view.
EECS is one of the leading company of Iso Tech Group. Iso Tech Group envisions to establish some other leading companies which comprise Gas, Power and Energy, Chemical, Engineering Services and Electrification sector. Iso Tech group has a glorious business heritage, a glittering present and a sparkling future. Since its inception its mission has been very clear “Satisfying customers by providing the best possible product and service as well as keep positive contribution in advancement of the nation". The company is being functioned with a keen interest and dedication to preserve the welfare of the communities it serves, as well as its social responsibility to the society.
The major strength of EECS is its multidisciplinary group of highly qualified and technical professionals who bring a wide range of skills to the organization and are able to study related problems in an integrated manner. EECS’s staff has expertise in environment, fisheries, economics, agriculture, sociology, RS & GIS, hydrology, ecology, biology, water resources, soil science, etc. The motto of the company is soul of healthy nature and the company knows how to respond to clients’ needs.

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EECS provides different type of environmental services according to client requirement.

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EECS has highly qualified and technical professionals for different types of project.

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EECS is the unique institution, which has developed extensive knowledge

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